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06 March 2007 @ 06:28 pm
pretty small batch, but i'm lazy.  
errrrrrrrmmm yes

Tracking Treasure Down by Gabriel & Dresden Ft Molly
>> i think this is a good one for starts, really good mix, and i think you little peep will be able to appreciate more because it sings about PIRATENESS. metaphorically...
anyways. brilliant beat in this song, you will love, i think.

How It Ends by DeVotchKa
>> a really sad song but brilliant instrumental. i hope you like, BECAUSE I SURE DO. but whatever, i think it's one of the most amazing songs i've ever heard, anyways.

Sex Machine by James Brown
>> One of James Brown's most famous songs. And for good reasons, too, THIS SONG IS AWESOME, LOL.

I Hear The Bells by Mike Doughty
>> Sad & slow with brilliant lyrics and musical talent. I don't know. I've loved this song for a long, long time. each time i listen to this song, i love it more and more.

A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
>> Here is my introduction for you for some Aretha that is not "respect". This is a really great classic. U LIKE OR DIE.

Love And Happiness by Al Green

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This by Annie Lennox
>> My favourite Annie Lennox song. I don't know if you'll like this, but atleast give it a chance.

I'm No Superman by Lazlo Bane

I'm Shakin' by Rooney
>> this is right up your alley WAIT 'TILL CHORUS, you will love.

Insomnia by Electric President
>> very sad & the vocal are ''''''different'''''' but i always like something different than the poor shit that's being made today cry
i think it's brilliant anyways the lyrics are great i don't know is all just well-rounded