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06 May 2007 @ 11:09 am


simply fill out the form, comment, and start makin' your crew bigger~!

<b>Fandoms Past</b>:
<b>Fandoms Present</b>:
<b>Fav Music</b>:
<b>Fav One Piece Character</b>:
<b>Fav One Piece Arc</b>:
<b>You Should Add Me Because</b>:
<b>My Journal Is Full Of</b>:
<b>And Anything Else?</b>:

&; {미 라} MIRA «napkiin on May 6th, 2007 05:16 pm (UTC)
Name: Mira
Age: 14
Fandoms Past: Naruto, Bleach, Any CLAMP series ^^;
Fandoms Present: Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari, One piece, Anything Ai Yazawa
Likes: Colored manga, fun commercials, meat, bright colors, hair dye, Luffy!♥
Dislikes: Backstabbers, sudden loud noises, ppl who don't leave you alone D:
Fav Music: Pretty much everything. I go from rap to alternative to jpop to
Fav One Piece Character: Ooooh this is so hard! I'd have to say Luffy. He's just so fun and free and ...stupid? LOL. Ahh I just love everything about him!
Fav One Piece Arc: Save!Robin arc! Just because everyone was suuuuuupah awesome in there! Especially Luffy :O
You Should Add Me Because: ...I luv One Piece ?
My Journal Is Full Of: Rants; oh noez Dx, random things and...colored manga :O
And Anything Else?: These days I'm not commenting on my flist's because I'm too lazy. But it'll start up soon!